July 24.

So our place is finally coming together and we've been able to get a few pictures for you. We live on a square in the Viewforth area on Edinburgh (I said that already didn't I?). So we do love the space. As you can imagine from these views (front one and front two) - in the morning we are able to sit and watch the world go by. We have a lovely morning view of the neighborhood and are a bit envious of the house in the center of our square. backyard one and backyard two). When you arrive at our building and walk in, you are confronted by a wonderful stone staircase and it's super dark. You have to make your way up 3 floors to get to ours and when you reach ours, the sun has begun to peek its face out because of the skylights above us (frontdoor one and frontdoor two). Finally, we are so lucky to have a view from our bedroom of the Edinburgh Castle. And no - it's not a bar in the Tenderloin!

July 3.

We have a place! It's a 3rd floor flat in the Viewforth area of Edinburgh. We'll put a map of some kind up so you can see where we are - which might not be the brightest thing just in case one of you is some sort of demented stalker eh? We have 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room, beautiful bath (we like to call it the lodge - you'll understand why when we put the pictures up) and tons of storage space! Wow - if only we had tons to store in it! Oh - and the best part - we get sunlight throughout the day from the front and the back of our place - no more 5 minutes of sunlight! You just can't beat that.