So - if you haven't heard by now, Jano and Melanie (collectively known as the Bairds) are getting outta Dodge and heading on over to bonnie Scotland. The land of where whiskey was created (oh heavenly), thistles, wooly cows, and men in kilts.

The easy part is over (saving money) and now with the plane tickets purchased and in hand, the class schedules received (visit our school page), and the employers/clients informed, the difficult part is coming up - actually leaving the family and friends we love so much to strike out on our own. We have begun visiting the places in San Francisco that will always be part of our lives and beginning to feel just a bit of homesickness already. With this page though, we are hoping that we'll be able to keep all those loved ones informed and up to date on the happenings and it will almost be like we never left!

So - for a quick overview of the site (which is still under construction):

News: This is where you can view our online journal and see just what we are up to at the time. We have already begun so check it out. Updated April 29

School: For those of you who don't know (what rock did you crawl out from under), we are taking classes at the University of Edinburgh, so we wanted to share some of our "hard" work with you.

Our House: After 5 years in the basement, we can tell you that our house MUST be up high with windows that let the sun shine in so every morning we can curse it for waking us up after too much pubbing the night before. This is where you can have a look at the various rooms, records we're listening to, cocktails we are devising, and food we are cooking.

Gallery: Do you all really need to have a course in what a gallery is? This is where we'll be posting pictures we'll be taking during the trip.

Contact Us: The obligatory page - every site has to have one and ours is no exception. Since we'll be missing you all so - CONTACT US!